Welcome to Audio Empire

Rehearsal Studio Space in Brighton and Music Practice Rooms

The best performances are rooted from proper rehearsals. When selecting a rehearsal space for your band, be sure to choose the best rehearsal studios with convenient rooms that are a nice space to work in. Welcome to Audio Empire, a place that guarantees unrivalled features perfect for your rehearsing and practicing needs.

Get Yourself More Familiar with Audio Empire

Nestled in A23 expediently between Gatwick and Brighton, Audio Empire is known as the hardest working and newest set of rehearsal rooms. The studio provides ample, secure and free parking spaces and boasts five large, fully equipped practice rooms with plenty of space and modern and industry-standard equipment.

Visiting our rehearsal studio even at night is no hassle at all. Clients are offered unlimited night time parking, allowing you to bring your vehicles loaded with music equipment and park them with complete peace of mind. Also enjoy the benefits of no parking fines and ditch the tiring long walks bringing all your equipment back and forth to your rehearsal space.

Before opening the venue, Director George Green had played in bands since the age of 14. Having rehearsed and practised in many different studios all across the south, he started Audio Empire with a view to providing musicians and bands with the perfect environment to perform and entirely focus on their rehearsals. This friendly and personalised service is the bedrock on which the studio is��������built, and what will continue to set Audio Empire apart from its competitors.

Experience State of the Art Amenities at Audio Empire

If you arrived earlier then the scheduled time of your session or you just want to have a break, you can take advantage of the chill out room of Audio Empire. The area is equipped with free Wi-Fi, pool table, video games arcade and wide varieties of refreshments.

All these, combined with friendly, professional and unmatched service makes our Audio Empire the perfect environment for any type of band rehearse and practice in.

Audio Empire – An Excellent Choice

We are indeed the best choice if you are aspiring for the perfect setting equipped with the necessary tools and gear needed during practices. The studio is highly accessible and provides almost everything musicians and band members might need. We aim to give our customers exactly what they want.

Even if you’re a big or small band, the studio can conveniently accommodate you and give you all decent gear that you and your group need. Audio Empire does not just offer convenience and a perfect setting, it also offers the ideal space where great experiences and memories are shared by musicians and band members.


“As we’re quite a big band, we need a good size space, with lots of decent gear. Audio Empire sorts us out on both counts. They’re also really well priced too. And if that wasn’t enough, they’re very decent people and can’t do enough for you. Definitely 100% recommended by all of us.”

Glenn Fallows – The Impellers